Accident Reports in your Inbox

OH Crash Reports is the fastest Crash Report delivery system on the market. Our system delivers crash report data to your e-mail inbox, in real time, based on the ZIP code of your place of business. Gone are the days when you had to keep checking various websites for new reports.

With our system, the relevant data comes right to your inbox, and you can concentrate on making the phone calls.

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Note: This service is aimed at Doctors of Chiropractic (DC). You must be yourself a DC, registered with the Ohio State Chiropractic Board, have a valid and active licence, or represent an entity that provides Chiropractic services. In order to set up an account, our representative will want to speak with an individual who meets these criteria. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not meet our requirements, without any further explanation. This service is not intended for Personal Injury Law Firms or Insurance Companies of any kind.

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What's included

Get More Patients

Improve your marketing efforts by looking only at the people in your area. Not everyone in your county lives within a reasonable distance from your office. Why then look at everybody? Get only the people in your area. Improve conversion rates by being the first to make the phone call.

Improved Patient Retention

Cut down on skipped/cancelled appointments because your competition is closer to the patient's home address. Our system enables you to focus on the people in your area within a 5-, 10- or 15-mile radius. Do you have multiple locations? No problem. Our system handles that too!

Fastest System

Stop looking! You won't find a faster system anywhere. We have spent the last two years improving our speed from "within minutes" to "within seconds." With our system, you can be the first to call. How fast can you dial a number?

Targeted data

Our system extracts and sends you the data that is relevant to your business. You don't need to scan piles of documents to see who you need to call based on their address.

Location Based

Our system is location based. It takes the guess work out of computing how far your patients will need to drive to your office. You gain the confidence that the prospective patient lives within driving distance around your practice.

Always Online

Our system is always online. It never stops. It gathers crash report information around the clock and sends it to your inbox so you can use it whenever you need.

Mobile App

We are always working on improving the quality and accuracy of our system. At the moment we are working on a smart phone app, which will further improve the deliverability of our product. The launch date will be announced in the short future.


$ 750.00 /mo/loc.



  • All reports that contain addresses within 10-miles of your ZIP code
  • Reports sent to up to 2 email addresses
$ 999.00 /mo/loc.



  • All reports that contain addresses within 15 miles of your ZIP code
  • Reports sent to up to 3 email addresses

Prices do not include sales tax. 6.75% will be added to the price of the plan you sign up for. Each account may have multiple locations. Each location has its own subscription independent of the others. Cancelling one location's subscription does not cancel all the other subscriptions in the account. Each subscription must be cancelled individually.

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